Heading to higher altitude.

  1. David57
    It's been so hot and humid lately. And mosquitoes are everywhere. So, I am packing up and heading to the Blue Ridge Mountains. I believe around 3500 feet. The forecast is for scattered thunder storms this weekend, lows in the 60's, however it was 58 last night in Doughton Park. Hopefully I can find enough clear sky to image the night sky
    When I get up there I may not want to leave.
  2. Prowler75
    Sounds like a good plan David!
  3. David57
    Well I thought it was. Had thunderstorms and clouds all weekend. I never unpacked my scope. Cool temps at night, I was camping at 3750 feet. I scoped out the area and I am planning a return trip, maybe sometime in September, my calendar for August is booked.
  4. Brodavid1953
    Maybe second time will be a charm.
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