Clear sky !

  1. David57
    Well just as the forecast predicted, the sky cleared up Friday night Our astronomy group set up at our dark sky site in Otway, NC.
    We viewed, Saturn...amazing ring position, absolutely beautiful. Then Jupiter with four moons. Then M57, M16, M17, M13 beautiful, M4, the stars Vega, Arcturus,Spica and Altair. Then the clouds rolled back in...bummer. We used a 10"dob and a 6"dob, a 114mm and a 130mm reflector and pair of binoculars.
    We all had a great time. Now we have wind blowing for the next few days at 20-30 mph.
    If I can get some clear sky and no wind for a longer period of time, I would like to image Saturn. The ring position is just awesome.

    Wishing all clear skies
  2. Prowler75
    Congrats on a great session with the group, Dave! The skies cleared briefly here in Greensboro, but the transparency was terrible.
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