Solar Eclipse 2017

  1. David57
    Who is planning to view the solar eclipse from North Carolina and in what city or area ? What equipment are you planning on using ? I am going to Andrews, NC. The path goes straight through the area. I might use my 6" Dob but I still need a solar filter and a DSLR attachment. I have never imaged a solar eclipse so I have some reading to do. One solar site I looked at said to remove the solar filter during totality, really ? That seems dangerous to me, am I wrong ?
  2. Prowler75
    Hi David! I am planning on observing, but haven't decided where yet. I am going to check out Andrews since you mentioned it. I need to order a solar filter for my XT8 also. The whole notion of removing the filter during totality sounds super sketchy to me.
  3. Prowler75
    Looking at clear dark sky, it looks like Andrews is a dark green zone. Be great to follow an eclipse with a night of observing there!
  4. David57
    I believe we booked two nights in a motel there, can't remember the name, maybe Country Inn or Quality Inn. If they are not already full they will be soon. If the sky is going to be clear I might bring my C11 for viewing at night. I am not sure if I am going to buy a solar filter for the 6' Dob or buy a small refactor like an 80mm with a solar filter. I want to get the full orb of the eclipse.
  5. David57
    Just some new info. I had to add some days to my trip to Andrews. I am now staying from Friday night to Tuesday. Apparently lots of people from North Georgia are heading to Andrews. Traffic may be backed up if you wait till Sunday to arrive. Fuel and food may be in short supply as well. Andrews is a small town, I think around 1,700 people. The town is now calling itself totality city ! They are expecting upwards of 100,000 people in the Andrews, Murphy area . This may be the best party to attend, just be ready,
  6. Brodavid1953
    I am viewing in South Carolina out of my yard. Will get 99.5% of totality. My chair stops me from going to far and I hate crowds bumping into the equipment.
  7. Prowler75
    They are projecting over 2 million visitors will be in SC during the eclipse, along with the prospect of traffic of "zombie apocalypse" proportions. I may have to settle for the 93.5% that we are going to get here.
  8. David57
    The crowd predictions for Andrews, NC were way off target. I'm guessing maybe 20K on totality day. I had a blast ! Totality was awesome ! In 2024, if I'm still living, I'm heading to Texas.
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