1. NCAstronut
    I'm Marty, ie NCAstronut

    And I'm a NC Amature Astronomer, sence 2000. I have owned a Orion 130eq, 8"eq, 10"dob. Been telescopeless for about 2-1/2 years now. I like trying new things/scopes, and my last one well was just to big for my living arangements. Looking forwared to one day getting another scope. I just love to watch the heavens. Got my eye on a Orion Apex 127mm Tube only, and use my camera tripod till I can do better. Right now I just bird watch, and gaze at the moon. And shoot a few pictures with my lumix fz35.

    Mount Airy, NC
  2. admin
    Hi Marty, welcome to the site and group!,
    clear skies
  3. NCAstronut
    Well if all go's as planed monday 05-03-2010 I'll order my telescope. Orion Astroview 6 Eq. This time, I'm keeping my telescope/scopes if I ever get another after this one. This will give me the best bang for my bucks, and it has the ability to track objects some. And with a few upgrades it will be all I ever need most likely. Latter this summer, I hope to get a dual axis drive. And maybe a few filters, and I will need a better viewfinder a 10X50, right angle finder I think will be best. I also would like to maybe install a better focuser sometime. But just the scope is all I can get for a good while. This is even a big strain on our budget. But I cant see getting anying less, after owning a 8"eq, and a 10"dob in the past.
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