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  1. Jimmy Mac
    Jimmy Mac
    For those of us located in the Northeastern part of the USA.
  2. Jimmy Mac
    Jimmy Mac
    Ok, Heres a quick post for us in the North East.

    In April there is going to be a BIG Astronomy show in Suffern, NY. It will be hosted at the Rockland Community College. Sponsored by The Rockland Astronomy Club & Sky & Telescope Magazine (Very cool). It will be held on April 18 - April 19, 2009.

    As well as the 2009 Sixth Annual NEAF SOLAR STAR PARTY also on the 18th & 19th.

    Also on the 2 days before this is the 2009 NorthEast Astro-Imaging Conference on April 16th and 17th,2009

    This is a big meet for the North East. And a must attend event.

    For more information on this please visit their web site here :

    Clear skys,
  3. matthewota
    I did not go to NEAF nor to Stellafane this year. I simply cannot afford it at this time. I cannot find a decent enough job here in New Hampshire yet to support my astronomy activities.

    I have applied for a part time job at the planetarium in Concord. I am waiting for an answer.
  4. matthewota
    I left New Hampshire. I am back in California
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