Northern Plains

  1. powerwindows1985
    This is a thread to discuss astronomy related items as they pertain to the norther plains states (i.e N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa).
  2. FatherGuse
    We're up and running man ... great idea you had to form up under the "Groups" ...
  3. powerwindows1985
    I think it's great to talk to people all over the world, but it is also nice to talk to those closer to home every now and then.
  4. jstange2
    I found you. Looks like a good deal to me.
  5. Celestron
    I live in Minnesota, contrary to my sig that says Exoplanet HB80606b
  6. AstroChick1974
    A local group has been formed on that has some events planned in Eastern Nebraska & Western Nebraska area. I belong to it as well and think it is a great complement to all in this group as well. Clear Skies Everyone!!!
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