What Nikon DSLR do you own?

  1. admin
    What Nikon DSLR do you own?
  2. Coastalbody
    Hi admin. I presently have a D5000 with a lot of manual lenses from my 35 mm SLR Nikon F, F2 and F3 cameras. I specifically got this camera because of its movable viewing screen and live-view for focusing(I'm getting old and I don't like too much bending over). What's yours like?
  3. Prime_Focus
    I also bought a D5000 for the same reasons, the live view screen and all of the manual Nikon lenses that I already own. I haven't had much of a chance to use it yet but with warmer weather finally here, I'll be out once in a while.
  4. supernov62
    Good evening, I just found this group trying to figure out how to start using my D80 to take some photos through my telescope or just by itself.
  5. zaidjawed88
    I own a Nikon D90 with an 18-55mm VR lens. I intend to modify it and add a TEC cooler to it.
  6. fras06
    I have just purchased a Nikon D3100. I would like to use this camera for astrophotography (I am a rank beginner). I have a Celestron S-C CPC 1100 and a smaller Meade 6" LS. What do I need to purchase to connect my camera to the Nikon D3100?
  7. lguay
    Quote Originally Posted by admin
    What Nikon DSLR do you own?
    Morning - I recently purchased a Nikon D90 and so far the terrestrial pictures of Banff, Lake Louise and other mountain pictures are great. We spent a weekend in banff with very dark skies and I setup the camera on my tripod and pointed it "up". I took multiple photos averaging 5 minutes. I was actually surprised at what turned out.
    I just completed an Astrophotography seminar with Alan Dyer (co-Author of the Backyard Astronomer's Guide) and now I hooked. The photos I can hopefully get are exciting.
    I am now working on saving a bit for a Antares 1529 Refractor. This will be a first step but as for the telescope I am still researching...........as I am prone to do, I'll probably change my mind on the scope and get something totally different.....LOL
    Thank you
  8. PaulB

    I own a D40 and want to use it for astro-imaging. I also want to prove to myself that I can use this camera, and I don't need a Canon 1000D, which I believe is a better camera for astro-imaging.

    The only gripe I have with Nikon. Unlike Canon who bundle there remote control software with a camera; you have to buy Capture Control Pro 2 from Nikon if you want to control you're camera via a computer.
  9. alexdawson
    Hi, and I own a D3s, I guess it might be to heavy for a scope but I have to try. Tonight or tomorrow I will try some astroshots with a borrowed 600mm AFS VR F4 and i got the whole set of converters to x1,4 , x1,7 x2,0 I wil try on the moon and maybe orion nebula if its clear skys...?

    // Alex

  10. greyhounder
    Hello everyone, I'm a n00b to the forum and astronomy as well. I'm a photographer using Nikon equipment, and I'm fascinated by, and eager to learn, astrophotography. The camera I'll most likely be using for AP will by a D70 that has had its IR supression filter removed. I've used this camera extensively for IR Black and White terrestrial images, and I've been told this modded camera will work well for DSOs, especially the nebulae.
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