Introduce Yourself!

  1. rv9aguy
    If you're from NH (or just really dig the Granite State) introduce yourself here!

    I'm Kevin from Bedford, NH. I've just recently gotten back into Astronomy after a very long break. Once I feel competent again, I'll probably join the New Hampshire Astronomical Society. Are any Astronomy Forum members also members of NHAS?
  2. elemental_skies
    Reviving this thread!

    I am in southern NH and an avid astronomer/astrophotographer. I typically view from my backyard due to ease of access but there are a couple darker spots across town that i'll set up at for important events or harder targets. In general, light pollution doesn't seem so bad here. The biggest issue is the tree lines. They can be pretty unforgiving for planetary viewing.

    Any other New Hampshire astronomers out there?

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