Nebulae for newbie.

  1. khalid
    Hi guys.
    I was wondering which nebulae would be within the grasp of my ES AR 127 (which i havnt bought yet). And which ones would be must see.And what to really expect.
    Lets start a great discussion.
  2. steve88w
    I picked up M42 (Orion Nebula) quite easily with a NexStar 130SLT.
    My daughter even took a picture of it with just a DSLR and tripod.
    (135mm f/5.6 @ 2.0 seconds)
  3. L'homme des tÚlescopes
    L'homme des tÚlescopes
    In fact, most of the nebulae in the messier catalogue will be visible to your scope. Especially M42 (Orion nebula) and M1 (Crab nebula)
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