Frigid and a bright one tonight

  1. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Pretty cold out there tonight at 1030pm est but, I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to get me some lunar.
  2. Veroin
    I just got a C8, every time i've taken it out so far it has been new moon or is behind trees. Can't win!
    Soon i'll get out, i hope.
    P.S. - I understand your cold situation! last night while observing it was -26C / -14F i'm scared my go-to will freeze up haha.
  3. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    veroin, -14f is pushing into nomans land and that's cold. I waited and didn't go out last night too much wind and cold enough to chill to the bone. It isn't worth getting frostbite, I just play with archived data or watch NSN or live video from my friends in the UK.Congrats on the C8 , the moon will rise over the trees in the next couple months when mother earth does her season tilt.
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