Posted 2 moon photos from December 4th-5th

  1. Veroin
    Hi there, just posted 2 photos of the moon on Dec 4th and Dec 5th, The photos were taken from my backyard in Halifax, NS, Canada at 45 degree latitude.
    Taken with an iphone 4 camera through the eyepiece.
  2. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Veroin, I like your data with your phone. Now you need to upload to your computer and download freeware post processing software called "GIMP" to really make your images "POP" everything in AP has a learning curve. I'm handicapped been working using 1 hand doing AP hardcore for about 6 mo. and it does get easier the more you do. KUDOS on the captures, I'm unable to do it your way , so I resort to video photography w/ cmos web cams and digital AP.
  3. Veroin
    Stepping beyond, call me Alex. So i've downloaded gimp and been messing around with some features, what do you recommend using to make the image pop whilst keeping it real and genuine?
  4. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    GEGL in tools scroll down in the list , it has so much Alex. I've not even made a dent in them. When you start to take videos , you can then download registax 6 for stacking and wavelet filtering. It's a journey so hold on to something secure it's going to be one heck of a ride.
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