They said it would rain but, not?

  1. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    I really would like to view if not image the SUPER MOON, I haven't seen one and I'm so stoked . I've been setup ready to go since 9pm est and sure the clouds are all over but, I'm hopeful that I'll get something out of this. Even if it's told you so, at least I viewed Saturn and Mars. I did get to see the Super Moon but, not through the Z10 , it was still in the trees through the scope it was nothing short of "AWESOME! thru a 30mm GSO,9 and 16 100* , 9mm plossl. The Paracorr t2 my 3-6mm clickstop also with a 2xED Zhumell barlow just made it the most awesomest moon to date. You could fall in the craters, pickout fainter details and with my monitor magnifier "I was in AWE!" MAN THAT'S REALLY COOL.
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