Introduce yourself

  1. nickcodybarrett
    Go ahead and introduce yourself to the community. Let us know where your located, and the gear you use.
  2. nickcodybarrett
    My names Nick.

    I live in Port Gibson in 6th mag. skies. I currently only have a 8" dob, but about to buy a 6" refractor.
  3. Juno16
    My name is Jim and I live in Long Beach. I believe that puts me in a class 6 zone (orange). I have a Nexstar 130 slt and have been observing for a little more than a year.
  4. Indytom
    My name is Tom and I was born in Columbus Mississippi, and how I wish I had those skies again, as light polluted as they are. I currently live just north of Indianapolis in a red to white zone. I see a star party listed as happening in French Camp. Has anyone ever attended it? Would it be worth the drive from IN?
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