Favorite Messier Object?

  1. admin
    Post what is your Favorite Messier Object?

    Mine is M42
  2. powerwindows1985
    So far my favorite based on how the object looks is M42. It is an absolutely amazing sight. With that being said, I think my favorite is probably M81/M82. Not so much for its stunning beauty but because you have two galxies that can be seen in the same field of view.
  3. FatherGuse
    M42/M43 ... because everyone can see them from anywhere in the world, even with the naked eye ... and NGC 1977 is very close by ... along with all the "other sights" associated with Orion ...
  4. Carpioso
    As well as most of us (I guess) M42 is my favorite, and well M43 as well. The next in line are NGC 7635 (The Bubble Nebula) and M16 (Eagle Nebula).
  5. Celestron
    M42-3, and NGC2244.

  6. EricFD
    I'd have to say M42 as well.

  7. jrkirkham
    My all around favorite visual, binocular, and scope messier object is M31 the Andromeda galaxy.

    My favorite for the naked eye is M45 Pleiades (Subaru).
    My favorite for the binoculars is M44 Beehive cluster.
    My favorite for the scope is M42 Orion Nebula.

    Anytime these are out I look them over, no matter what else I am doing.
  8. Soliddriller
    well guess id have to say mine is m51.......i was in awwwe when i finally found my 1st galaxy....the skies are truly amazing . clear skies
  9. astronomusic
    I can't see all of them from my latitude (-30°), but I love globular clusters. M22 is really beautiful!
  10. Astronut74
    Gotta be M42
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