Greater precision sinse changing three variables on the scope pt1

  1. Peter Woodlands
    Peter Woodlands
    Hi everyone,

    two nights ago in alt/az I crashed the microfocuser into the base of the forks and was unable to use the LX90 8 for the rest of the night. It was a real shame as the skies were perfect. Well perfect for here, I could actually just make out parts of the milky way. Yesterday I realigned the guide scopes, retrained and calibrated the gears. I also changed the precision variable to high and the slewing option to quiet. Now whilst it is a pain to sit there for longer as the scope slews with better precision than ever. Was only able to do a few obs before the cirrus cloud took over. There is another variable in this too and that is I removed the microficuser and balanced the telescope as best I could by bringing the Orion guide scope back until the scope seemed quite level whilst unlocked.

    pt 2 next due to limited characters sorry
  2. Peter Woodlands
    Peter Woodlands
    pt 2

    What I don't really know and would appreciate input on is which of these variables has had the most impact. I'm leaning towards balancing the scope. It looks like tonight will be a right off and the rest of the week unfortunately. But as everyone knows, there's plenty read about on those nights and I've stockpiled plenty. Surely though in alt/az the scopes balance changes depending on height of the object?

    kind regards,
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