Meade Etx 60, Etx 70, Etx 80 Mods

  1. kc5bbd
    I have an ETX 70 AT That I have made some interesting mods to and a few more in store if any one is interested!
    1) Home Made Focuser Extension
    2) Installed a Red Dot Sight
    3) Installed A Green Laser Pointer Using a Re-Purposed discarded View finder bracket.
    4) Home Made Wooden Tripod
    5) Home Made 40mm Plossl Eyepiece from Optics in an old vhs camcorder
    6) Converted old .965 Eyepieces to 1.25
    7) Home made objective cover using 4" pvc pipe cap

    Whats left to do ?
    1) Home made stop down to 50mm and solar filter using 50mm #14 welding glass and a pvc reducer
    2) home made dew shield and dew heater using pvc pipe
    3) Make and install Solar finder using old film canister
    4) Solar Funnel
  2. richlite
    How did your last mods work out? I am considering using my EXT-60 as a solar scope...
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