EP and rear cell contact

  1. Pingu
    Is anyone else annoyed with the difficulty of adjusting your EP set screw with the EP inserted. Not sure if anyone has ever brought this up before so I thought I would post some pictures of my predicament.

  2. Pingu
    When my baader zoom is inserted into the EP well, certainly because of its size, it actually rests on the rear cell. It's rather difficult to tighten your EP set screw with it installed. Under controlled conditions I'm sure it isn't a problem but lets say during the winter when the tips of your fingers are numb from the cold or sweaty during the summer. Has anyone ever had similar problems with other EP's? I don't remember having problems with the rest of the baader line up.
  3. kc5bbd
    Have you tried a screw extension by adding a piece of aquarium hose or vacuum line to the end of the screw? it might work wonders for you!
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