Meade ETX 90EC Pt2

  1. Cap
    Venus was a sharp crescent even in the fact my wife thought she was looking at the moon at first

    Saturn rose with a nice golden color, no moons. Comet Lulin was visible as a grey/green fuzzball.

    Two hours in, I started getting dew (38F) so cut it short.

    My mount must still be a little un-level because the GoTo alignments were all off and the tracking in EQ mode was terrible. Tracked somewhat better in ALt/Az. I wish they had a mode where you could align by saying, "Yep, that's Sirius. Now Go To Arcturus...nope you're a little off, let me tweak you.." and it would remember your adjustments. I had to unlock and manually move it into position after every slew.

    I'm sure this is operator error, so I'll fix this for next time.

    All-in-all, good little scope. I'd love to try the 125, but will probably get an Orion 102 or build a 10" Dob with tracking later.

    Next project is to mount a camera on the 90 and see if the motors will hold up
  2. toddpe
    I used these attachments to connect my camera to my ETX
    I could hear the motors straining, but they could still move. (I have a Canon EOS 30d)
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