ETX90EC First Light pt1

  1. Cap
    Viewing conditions were fair, more light pollution than normal due to hazy humidity, but I haven't been out since it was above zero so I had to go.

    I have the 90EC mounted on a homemade EQ, 26mm and 9mm Plossls, 497 controller. I mainly wanted to check out Lulin, but warmed up with Messiers until the comet and Saturn rose.

    M42 filled about half the view with the 26mm and the entire field with the 9mm, but the 9 was a little dim. Same results with M31, so I gave up on the 9mm for the night.

    M44, M45, M51, M81, M82, M84, M86 all showed nicely though the best color came from M42 and M45. The rest were whitish grey. No sharp detail in any of the galaxy targets. Nice detail in Orion though...good enough to give incentive to finish my camera rig for the scope.

  2. admin
    Awesome stuff that sounds like a great night do you have goto / autostar on it?
  3. AstroChick1974
    Did you finsh the rig yet?
  4. dssmith
    Nice to hear that this "little" scope can provide good views of a good number of Messiers objects! Looking forward to using mine when it arrives. Would like to hear more about the camera rig.
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