Which ETX Meade Telescope do you have?

  1. admin
    Which ETX Meade Telescope do you have?
  2. Cap
    ETX90EC...barely enough to do what I need to do for now.
  3. admin
    nice scope Cap when did you get it?
  4. Gandalf223
    ETX 60 ... saw it on Craigslist for $25 and couldn't stop myself.
  5. AstroChick1974

    My husband bought me my Meade ETX-70AT a few years ago and this year I have been really learning about it and what it can and can't do...still a novice with a lot of desire to play with the stars and planets. Gearing up to take it to the next level and marry my two passions....photography and astronomy = astrophotography!! I am aquiring the things I need and learning what I can. Does anyone else out there have the ETX-70? I am dying to get an ETX-125 someday. But for now..my 70 i s GREAT.
  6. AstroChick1974
    Hey All... husband bought me the ETX-125PE....great scope... but on the first night out...I had a bit of a problem...the declination gear stripped. Anyone know if the gears in the ETX70-AT are the same size as the 125...can they be swapped? I hate the idea of sending it to Meade for $$$ and for the long time I would be without it. Anyone know if the gears can be swapped?
  7. astrojohn
    I have an ETX90 EC, cracking little scope for optical performance, but not much good at tracking or goto. Ideal as a travel scope, goes as cabin baggage with the tripod in bits in the case. I'm in the south at the moment, told it where I am, time,date etc but the poor thing doesn't knowwhich way to turn! Can't seem to get an "alignment successful" out of it. It thinks Arcturus is where Rigel Kentaurus should be!
    Anyone got any ideas?? ( P.S. I've tried a reset).
  8. admin
    Hi John welcome to the site and the ETX group!
    Goto can be an issue sometimes, have you tried to point the scope N and do a 1-3 star align? Also have you tried doing polar alignment?

  9. cfreiling
    I have an old Meade Telescope, more so 15 to 20 years old, it is a Refractors. How can I find out what model it is.
  10. admin
    Hi there welcome to the forum! Can you post a picture of it cfreiling?
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