Which ETX Meade Telescope do you have?

  1. lostboys
    I have just bought my first meade, a ETX90 PE (autostar and LNT) amazed at how many people own and talk about the etx, had my first light 2 nights ago and very impressed with this little scope, bought it on the fly because i had to sell my Celestron nexstar 5 se due to being off sick from work for 2 and a half months, kept a little of the money back after selling 5se and manage to get this brilliant little scope.
  2. admin
    It is a great scope especially in the US due its price and quality. An amazing scope, and I wish I had started with something like it. welcome to the group.
  3. Southernskies10
    Greatings from the Southern Skies region! I own a grey tube ETX60 AT back pack version - was my first scope - and I love it. Light, portable and easy to take anywhere and setup in a jiffy. Might not be be a 10" but it has proved it's worth every night I take it out. Just bought a neat digiscoping bracket to use with my digital camera mounted on the scope. Also built a 9V DC power supply for her! Saves batteries - next project will be to build a regulated supply for the vehicle lighter socket to give me 9V when travelling away from my backyard!
  4. Southernskies10
    And an update - I also now am the proud owner of the ETX 125... so now have the ETX60, & 125 and a 10" Dob... bit like owning three cars! Spoilt for choice now.
  5. EdwardMH
    I have the Meade ETX-125ec
  6. richlite
    Meade ETX -60 , picked it off craigslist for $70
  7. a028964
    Meade ETX90 EC - bought it new in 2001 and it's still kicking! Just added to my scope collection with an 8" LX90 ACF!
  8. Rodolfo
    ETX-80 bought in 2006. Added piggyback mount for DSLR, #506 cable for PC control, #64ST adapter + Nikon T-adapter

    By the way, if this scope is still available from Meade as of 2015 why isn't anybody talking about it lately? Has everyone moved on to something else (Celestron)?

    There's plenty of ETX info around the web, but it's all from "back in the day". Weasner's site is a goldmine on the ETX series, but it's not very easy to navigate and search and basically lives as an archive with no new content being added since 2013. Still, it reminds the GoTo place (pun intended) for all ETX related things.

    TIP: Use Google to query Weasner's site just by adding "site:weasner.com" to the search string on Google.

    Clear skies to all and cheers to those ETXers still out there!
  9. aeajr
    Just took delivery of a Meade ETX 80. $230 from Amazon.

    I am a true newbie. Got the bug back in April/May. Have spent the time since then with 10X50 binoculars and some books and charts. Looked around, studied and decided to enter small with the ETX rather than a big Dob or big SCT.

    I had the scope out for the first time last night. After some alignment issues I finally got the hang of it and now the scope is tracking and finding nicely. I let it take me on a tour of the sky and that was a lot of fun.

    Look forward to learning from all of you experienced ETX owners.
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