Welcome to the ETX Meade Telescope Group!!

  1. admin
    Welcome to the ETX Meade Telescope Group!!

    please introduce yourselves here
  2. roverich
    Thank you for the invite to this group .My name is rich and i live in no. virginia land of light pollution and traffic .
  3. alsetalokin
    Hi, I just found the group, thanks for the friend invite roverich!

    I love and hate my ETX125.
    Actually, I love the ETX and I hate Meade, that's more accurate.

    I see that this group needs some livening up, so I'll try to do my part.
  4. Nero
    Hey Martin is the name.
    And my baby is called ETX LightsSwitch 6"
  5. pedalmasher
    My name is Sandy and I live in Seminole, FL. Should have my new 8SE tomorrow!
  6. DrNature
    Hi Folks -

    Just found this group.

    Very much enjoying my ETX-80 & ETX-125

    Richard in Chattanooga, TN
  7. dssmith
    Hi. My name is Dave. It's good to know there is and ETX group. Not much activity here though. That may be good, if the ETX users are happy and there are no problems or concerns!
    That may be bad, for new members who want to take part and discuss. Hope things liven up.
  8. kc5bbd
    Hi Im new to the group and love the etx line of scopes!
  9. HauntedStar
    Hello everyone....just joined this group. Picked up a EXT70AT at a yard sale, never dreamed this was such a great scope. When I got it...later I kinda had second thoughts but that night when I took it out...wow..I was surprised, lookn for another ext...lol..thnks all and clearskies.
  10. lenrough
    Hello all! I'm a satisfied owner of both an ETX90EC and an ETX60. I find them very serviceable when travelling throughout the desert southwest in "camping mode" as well as on those nights when I just have a short period of time to spend under the stars in the backyard. To be sure they have their quirks, but IMO, that gives them personality as well. I recently added a Celestron C6R to my lineup, but I see no reason to relegate either scope to a secondary status. I hope to learn from you all as well as share some of my experiences with these scopes.

    Dark and clear skies to all!

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