Operating notes and tips for the DS series

  1. star2root
    Thanks to rlmxracer for this info...

    1. Make sure your location and current time are correct.
    2. Train the drive motors, the manual shows how in the appendix section.
    3. Get a 6" bubble level. The combo compass/level that comes with the scope is no good. Use the 6" level on the flat part of the base of the scope. Check the level in 2 axis.
    4. Turn the scope on aim the scope north inline with Polaris. Use the bubble level across the top of the scope to level it using the up/down arrows on the controller.
    5. Enter the 2 star align in the menu and follow the prompts.
  2. star2root
    Also, when you get an object centered in the eyepiece you can press the enter key for 2 seconds let off and press it again. This will sync the scope further help the aiming. The controller also has a high precision mode that you can use for DSOs. It slews the scope to a near by bright star to sync the scope with that area of the sky then after you center that star press enter and the DSO will be in your FOV.
  3. Vyceroy
    My autostar does not ask for location .. is it old or not right??
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