Improving focussing in a Maksutov on a shaky mount

  1. John Baars
    John Baars
    Focussing a small Maksutov can be a difficult job on a shaky mount. You never know if you are in focus while holding the focusser and you have to wait until all shakiness has dampened out. By simply attaching a clothes pin to the focusser most difficulties are over. Focussing becomes smooth. With your fingertip slightly pushing the clothes-pin you can see easily see creeping the object into exact focus. Amazing, I didn't believe my eyes the first time I did it.
    Read my thread about it, and see a picture as well. Clothespin and Maksutov on shaky mount.
  2. John Baars
    John Baars
    Attempt to place the picture here.

    [IMAG]wasknijper scherpstelling (480x640) by John Baars, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Note:The wooden clothespins won't open wide enough. These plastic ones do. You may have to remove some plastic in order to have enough room to let the focusser turn.
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