LX200 upgrade from www.lx200autostar.com - Any advice?

  1. Joe Below
    Joe Below
    I have been struggling to get my old LX200 working again since I bought it used (and not working -goto-) from Ebay...

    I had the hope to make it work again with plain and simple " work on it". I bought parts from all over the world - enough to rebuilt it from scratch. THEN, I screw up the hand paddle: the electronic ribbon from the keyboard to the board was so old, it teared down at a small try to pry it open...

    Ok. To make a story short, I had given up all hope and started to look for another mount. And started to worry about all the assle to remove the original mount, and the cost...

    BUT! Like a divine sign of god, I found LX200Autostar : Meade Classic Electronics Upgrades .

    They sell an upgrade kit that replace the whole electronics...

    Any one here have tried this upgrade? I am looking for advice.


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