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  1. Whitehawk
    Help! Is there anyone who may have had a similar problem; Suddenly my hand controller has stopped slewing on command. ( the telescope will move ra and dec. if info is put into controller, but manually, no go. Also , and I think this may have something to do with problem, every time I power telescope up , the dec. knob starts "tracking" some mysterious subject without letup. and only stops when I turn off power , disconnect the handcontroller and power up again!I have cleaned, greased, checked all connections, re set up initial basics , nothing. ( some days ago I connected my laptop with camera and auto guider and after hours of trying, still could not get the camera connected to the software program, not sure whether a wrong setting could have occurred there.... but I am back to square one and am hoping someone may be able to shed some light? Thanks , Whitehawk
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