Adding Push-To to a Lightbridge

  1. Gandalf223
    I recently added an azimuth circle to my 8" Lightbridge, and a digital angle gauge for elevation readout. Couple this with a laptop running Stellarium, and I have a complete "push to" DSC system. The first night I used the push-to system, I was able to simply push the scope and find objects in the eyepiece field at 135x (forgot to put the low power eyepiece in.)

    Details on my personal site:
  2. mchertude
    hey im looking into a 8" lightbridge. how is yours working for you and was it worth it?
  3. TheDutchman1979
    Hey Mchertude:

    I purchased a 8" Lightbridge 3 weeks ago as my first telescope and I must say I am impressed. Well worth the money. It also comes with 2 free QX EP (15mm and 20mm) until Sept 2009.

    I am taking mine with me on my camping trip to Manitoulin. Cant wait to use it where there is little to no light pollution. if you have any further question, feel free to ask.
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