getting good at transportation

  1. seanmac12
    Tonight was our club night at the dark location, so I break it all down, pack it oh so carefully into the truck, and haul the big old LB16 to the boonies - only to find that the sky is not cooperating, and we all agree to call it a night... so back to the house where I unpack the beast and reassemble it. Then I looked up in my back yard - stars everywhere! I just laughed and went back inside. We meet at the dark site next weekend too, and I am getting good at transporting Neb and all the gear. The weather has been EXTRA difficult this winter, very uncharactoristic for South Florida. I wonder if more folks are seeing an odd weather season now? members/seanmac12-albums-roll-n-go-lb16-picture124460-lb16-oldie.JPG
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