Coma corrector for low power viewing?

  1. seanmac12
    [SIZE=4] The ES 20mm 100degree eyepiece is (for now) now my lowest power eyepiece, and the coma is pretty heavy. I'd like to utilize the wide field of view so from what I have read, a coma corrector is needed. I am leaning towards the Baader 2" MPCC #2458400. I'd love to hear some feedback from fellow LB16 owners on how they dealt with coma....
    Would the coma corrector also make the higher power eyepiece views sharper?
  2. seanmac12
    FYI I just took the Baader MPCC coma corrector out for a spin... the MPCC installed nicely to the filter end of the ES20... and the views were GREATLY improved. I tried adding spacers between the eyepiece and the corrector, but nothing worked as well as directly mounting the corrector to the eyepiece. There are minor imperfections in the outermost perimiter stars in the view, but we're talking way out in the view of the 100 degree FOV. The MPCC is compact - the additional weight didn't change my counterweight needs. I'm pretty sure it will never leave the end of that eyepiece.
    I tried the MPCC on a Pentax xw 7, and on an ES 5mm 100 degree - did not see any value there, but neither of those eyepieces were giving me any coma to begin with.
    My opinion of the MPCC - Good product. It took care of the coma I was seeing in the ES20mm 100 degree eyepiece in my 16" Newtonian.
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