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  1. PaulWAS
    Hi group,
    New member reporting in. I live in Chase Terrace, Burntwood, Staffs in a suburban moderately light polluted area. I had a SkyWatcher 130 on an EQ2 mount with a motor drive since 2012 but I recently, 2 months ago, updated to a Skymax 127 with a SupaTrack mount and a Goto mount. I sold the reflector on ebay but as yet have only used the Mak in daylight: the weather has been very unkind in this neck of the woods.
    Regards PaulWAS
  2. MistrBadgr
    Hi Paul! I have a Meade Polaris 130, which probably behaves about the way your Skywatcher 130 did. After a lot of work, I got it to fight light pollution fairly well. Your Mak should do a lot better with the LP. Hope you get to take it out an night soon.

    Best Regards,

    Bill Steen
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