Star Tools and LP

  1. bobharmony
    I have struggled with light pollution from my backyard imaging site since I started doing this about a year ago. I used the Gradient Xterminator plug-in for PhotoShop, I tried making synthetic flats to tone it down, and I was mildly successful in dealing with it, but my images still had the brownish tinge to them regardless of what I tried.

    Then I was awarded a copy of Star Tools as part of the Forums Beginners AP program, and it runs rings around anything else I have tried. The Wipe module tames gradients and the Color module brings out the natural colors of objects like nothing else I have used to this point. I found it pretty easy to start up, and I haven't looked back since starting with the tool. No Light Pollution filters for me, just a run through Star Tools to bring out the best results I have ever produced.

    Thanks for listening,
  2. ProfEclipse
    I grabbed the trial version (fully functional except for "save") and have been amazed! Far better than anything I could get out of Nebulosity 4 and with half the effort. Very impressive piece of software.
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