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  1. Stephenbells
    This category sounds interesting and fun, is it to be just about astronomy or is anything up for discussion?
    Anyway here goes.
    do you think there is a lot of nonsense said about cleaning eyepieces? For heaven sakes they are not radio active! Certainly they should be handled with a degree of care. The excellent publication "Turn left at Orion" says that under virtually no circumstances clean them. My own opinion for what others may think its worth is if they are grubby then DO clean them, I have a camel hair brush donated by my wife from her make up paraphernalia and a soft cloth.
    Over to you.
  2. kakalakman
    my name is rob i'm here in jax . new to astronomy and could use some help and advice getting started
  3. JFD
    Cleaning Eyepieces

    Hi Stephenbells
    Just Joined - have been replying to the posts - it's cheaper all at once.
    Spare the glass. Check the other posts. The germs are on your hands! Clean the finger-prints first. UV light?

    This isn't Rocket Science...it's Astrophysics
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