Commonsense in telescope choice

  1. mplanet62
    Here's my modest attempt to list the criteria for reasonalbe telescope choice:
    1. What is it I want to see? Seriously, watching Jupiter in a 4 inch refractor is much more pleasurable experience than in 4.5 inch Bird-Jones (read Celestron Astromaster).
    2. Can I see it? If you live in a busy city, 10 inch DOB won't show much more than any 6 or even 4 inch telescope.
    3.Can I handle it? Be realistic. If you have say, sore back buying a 6 inch refractor plus EQ5 tripod makes them a primary dusting target in your lounge room. 25 kilos of equipment not for you to handle.
    4. Where I will keep it? Any telescope may be kept in a private observatory. Not every astronomer has it.
    5. How much I will use it? Something you use every night might be large and tough enough to stay outdoors with sufficient cover. Something you use once a week will need to be compact and light enough to be moved.
    6. Buy the most expensive you can afford. In telescopes price reflect on quality directly.
  2. JFD
    Re: Commonsense in telescope choice

    Hello KISSers
    Telescope choice - if it's sealed, less dirt can get in - it'll last longer... lens caps keep dirt off... bigger optics' size wins, bigger is always better...
    in a lens sandwich, fewer layers is easier and cheaper... (hold the lettuce)... wait for darkness, (usually)...
    metal is more durable than paper... some metals are stronger yet more expensive... if they substitute for metal, and charge more...???
    if they eliminate the metal is it better..??? buy the cheapest you can find (shop price)... check out used equipment...

    (Been looking / shopping for a telescope, will accept charity, grants, cash...a kiss)

    This isn't Rocket's Astrophysics
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