Variable Star photometry with simple means

  1. BicycleRepairMan
    Hi all!

    If you want to do precision variable star photometry, the minimum equipment would seem to be: cooled CCD, photometric filters, notebook, telescope, motorized mount, .... quite some investment of mony, and also quite time consuming to set up.

    The latest (March 2011) issue of Sky & Telescope has a very nioce article on DSLR photography by Brian Kloppenborg and Tom Pearson. Anybody who is interested in variable star observing but has avoided CCD should have a look at this article.

    It describes how you can do scientifically significant measurements on bright variable stars using just a DSLR, a conventional lens and a photo tripod (no guided mount necessary).

    Brian and Tom are active in the CitizenSky project (focused on the variable star Epsilon Aurigae) founded by the AAVSO, see

  2. mplanet62
    Will need to have a look. Generally it's not a subject of my prime interest, but never say never...
  3. JFD
    Re: Variable Star photometry

    Hello BicycleRepairMan
    Yoy spelled money wrong... do you true wheels??? now that's money... will check out Citizen Sky | Take part in Citizen Science!

    This isn't Rocket's Astrophysics
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