Cleaning optics

  1. mplanet62
    There are too many cleaning sets for optics, CDs, etc in the market. Too bad they are almost never at hand when one needs them. How to save the situation? First - by trying to avoid it. Optics are cheaper to protect than replace. A simple UV filter gives very good protection from elements - and improves the picture. But if you will need to clean something - the simplest way is to use a microfiber cleaning cloth for glasses. Just breath on the surface to get it slightly fogged (reveals the dirt as well) - and you have it covered with practically distilled water. Than wipe with the cloth - in feather touch movements from center to outside. Fight the temptation of circular movements! On especially bad day a paper tissue will do the job, too - however it's not recommended for some really gentle items - like refractor's front cells and SLR lens!
  2. jenniferchristine
    I'm told pure kleenex are suitable - though you really have to hope that something will do it - a microfibre cloth may be brilliant but it must be scrupulously clean
  3. mplanet62
    I tried a few things for my 40+ years in photography. What I've found - distilled water plus microfiber (or well worn soft cotton) do great job and no harm. Cotton face cleaners look tempting - but leave some residue (tough to remove), and all wet tissue stuff (neutral, not bactericidal - which even can dissolve some plastics) needs to be washed off afterwards. Kleenex - as any paper - may have some whiteners and other chemistry in. Could be not bad for external cleaning and some gentle wiping of smaller lenses (like eyepieces). One time I used toilet paper (no jokes!) - but rather from desperation. Your note on cloth cleanness is absolutely reasonable. No sunscreen on it please!
  4. Jovian
    I find some rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip followed by a breath fog and a tissue works very well for my eyepieces, and they are almost always available.

    I usually give them a good blowing too before I attempt to clean them to remove any loose particles.
  5. BillE
    The title looked interesting so I just decided to invite myself in...

    Always looking for a quicker, simpler, cheaper,more efficient, better(maybe) way to do something.

    On topic, what happened to the old lense paper(rice paper?) used that throughout my Navy career on some pretty exotic optics (binoculars, Target Bearing Transmiters, Periscopes...)and was told then that it was the only way to go.

    has it fallen from favor? Used to be a bit of dilute alcohol and lense paper worked miracles.
  6. mplanet62
    Hi BillE,
    Everyone is invited - you are Welcome! But since this group is an integral part of the Forum I don't even feel like formal invitations and welcomes are vital - we are already in the same boat.
    As for the rice paper - good question. I think it's just fallen from favor - as you say. Modern materials made by hundreds of tons an hour on modern equipment allow to do it simpler and cheaper. I cannot even judge on the rice paper's merits - never knew it. Well worn soft cotton have always been my personal favorite.
  7. JFD
    Hello group (KISS)
    Want easier and cheaper...
    Someone wrote leave it alone, don't clean it at all! Only you think it needs it. The sky is full of fuzzies. Lens' love fuzzies. Leave the lens alone.
    How do you clean a mirror...?
    Always liked lens tissue for coated photographic optics. They sell it still for vision optics. Go easy on the alcohol. KISS

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