ExoPlanet is a great app on Ipad

  1. EagleDriver
    Hi folks, thought I'd mention a great Ipad app that I've been using for several months (Exoplanet)
    it's purpose is to present detailed technical information on all planets found outside our solar system. the database is updated very regularly and the app provides...
    • milky way navigation from a single planet around a star or binary star system zooming all the way out to the CBR sphere everyone is familiar with. AU distance circles.
    • Sortable/filterable planet lists, and favourites
    • Starmap location
    • Artist renders and interpretations
    • Detailed technical data and animations of discovery methods (gravitational microlensing, etc)
    • Diagrams of star/planetary orbit and habitable zones
    • Star Statistics such as Magnitude, class, binary systems, etc
    • Planet Statistics such as orbit type, Earth/Jupiter Masses, distance from Earth
    • XY Correlation diagrams

    a VERY interesting and immersing app for those interested in Kepler planet discoveries, etc.
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