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  1. somecdnguy
    Here I will (and hope you guys too) will post any upcoming events or plans for astronomy related events in the GTA. I've noticed quite an influx of people joining these forums from the area and think it would be great to keep in touch with everyone and organize some observing outings. As well as feel free to post anything related to astronomy in the GTA.
  2. admin
    hey there,
    used to be in Scarborough and will post some good observing sites for the GTA. maybe we can share some in a thread.
  3. lophyte
    Hey guys!

    I'm in West Scarborough, near Victoria Park and St. Clair. Right now I've been observing from my front yard, which isn't too bad given there's street lights everywhere.

    Hoping to meet other astronomers in the area.
  4. admin
    Hey there welcome!
    wow I used to go to Warden station near there. St.Clair actually is quite good in not having so many lights, for being so near the major city.

    Do you have any viewing locations near there?
  5. lophyte
    I haven't looked around too much. All of my observing has either been at the beach at the Scarborough Bluffs (which is really only great for South sky viewing.. the bluffs block the North sky) and my front yard.

    Yes, Warden station is a 15 minute walk from my house

    There's a few parks in the area I'd like to try out, actually. Clairlea Public School has a huge field which I think gets pretty dark at night. I'll have to go check it out soon.

    Any suggestions for East Toronto/Scarborough viewing locations? I saw that you mentioned Whitmore's Farm and Scarborough Campus. I assume you mean U of T Scarborough?
  6. moxican
    Hi Guys
    I live on York Mills Rd near Don Valley Parkway. I do my scoping either from my balcony (facing toward the street with heavy lights) which is not really good, or there is a school with a small park behind my building which is better. I mostly do balcony, it's quite exhausting to carry a 6" refractor with EQ mount and all of it's accessories 4 floors down and then UP.
  7. moxican
    ohh almost forgot. If I may ask Admin If you used to Live in TO why are you in Aussie now?
  8. admin
    Hi There,
    I used to pass by York Mills all the time. I think you can still view a lot with your rig, planetary image too!

    I came here to finish some studies and have stayed here to become a citizen but I will be coming back to the T.O soon
  9. allardster
    Hey everyone, in Toronto as well. I observe from East York and rural Ontario. In September going to the Algonquin star party. Anyone else too? I am active in the RASC and in the Focal Group (amateur telescope makers in Toronto). - Allard
  10. Theo1
    Hello everyone,

    I'm in Georgetown, ON (Halton region, NW of Mississauga). Looking forward to learning about astronomy activities in the GTA.

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