G n G group

  1. rtlrp12
    Looks like this could be a very interesting group. I have some smaller alt/az mounts and scopes and 3 CG-5s and an SE Celestron mounts that I consider to be in the G n G class of GoTo mounts. Looking forward to the discussions that come up.

  2. Red Shift
    Red Shift
    I am in the process of getting a 4" refractor, and a yet-to-be-determined mount/tripod for it.
  3. Southernskies10
    Very neat idea..Like the idea of G&G.. I have a Meade ETX60BB AT. I have had my ETX 60 for about 9 months now and in that time I have travelled with it into some really remote areas in Africa. (DRC, Mozambique and Lesotho) I have never had any issues with stepping onto a plane with the whole scope and tripod as my hand luggage! I do get some weird looks -but to keep it really simple -- I pass the whole lot off as my camera! Start explaining telescopes and eyes go blank and questions start flowing --
    The scope as a Back Pack version is a phenominal package when taken as a whole. The scope was bought second hand for a little more than $30.00 second hand - and came with a tripod, the awesome 60mm Refractor scope with full GOTO, a 4, 12 and 25mm EP - The scope has a built in 2 x Barlow and also has a 45 deg Diagonal for optional Terrestrial viewing. The scope is simple to setup, is user friendly, accurate and is one great little scope for just about anything.
  4. Tom Seymour
    Tom Seymour
    It's good to see that others like the idea of a G&G group. My personal viewing has been limited because of bad weather here in Maine. On the few nights when it is clear, it's so cold that heat from my eyeball fogs up the eyepiece. I'm hoping to get some good nights in and my goal is to compare an 80 mm Vixen refractor with my 102mm Acro. I find the Vixen is easy to use and on nights of good seeing, provides excellent views of double stars. I typically look at one or several doubles with the Vixen, through different eyepieces. then I set up the 102 Acro and using the same eyepieces, compare views. I'm eagerly waiting for Leo to become visible in early evening...with its doubles.

    I look forward to hearing about the views through other G&G scopes. Clear skies.

  5. exparrot
    Good idea for a group!

    I'm hoping to be able to put together a G&G rig later this year. I've been looking at the MacroStar from Universal Astronomics. It's an ALT-AZ mount that can handle up to 20lbs, but only weighs 5lbs itself. I've also got an old CG-4 mount doing nothing, so I thought about using the tripod that came with it. That thing is really light, but sturdy. I think the legs are 1.75". Anyway, a 5lb mount with the CG-4 tripod and my ES-AR102 should make a nice G&G. I'd really rather have an 80mm scope for this deal, but I don't own one...not yet.

  6. Pitter
    My grab and go is a 60mm refractor on an EQ1 mount. Literally I pick the whole unit up in one hand and away I go. Great for grabbing quick views when the weather sucks and especially good for comets. Mark
  7. Zilladude
    Use as a GrabnGo and for a Travel Scope: ST80A with an EQ1 minimount (tabletop mount). Came with a couple of Expanse eyepieces, but I usually take others. I also modded the ST80 with a 2" 2-speed crayford. I can get the whole thing into an airline carryon bag easily (Scope, mount, finder, counterweight, eyepieces). Whole thing weighs about 15lbs tops...
  8. fido
    This looks like a promising group, but has only one thread in its first 7 months of life.

    My G&G is a Vixen Porta II mount with a ETX90 tube on it.

    I also have Orion Resolux 7x50 binoculars. Sometimes I use the parallelogram Orion bino mount with Celestron 15x70 binoculars as G&G.
  9. j.gardavsky
    Hello all,

    even if there is not a general accepted consens on the grab-and-go, I'd say, it's anything when fully assembled that you can still comfortably lift and move with your both hands from one corner of the backyard to another.

    The spotting scope is in fact grab-and-hike, http://www.astronomyforum.net/member...o-televid.html
    The 150mm F/5 refractor is, regarding its weight around 15kg at the top of grab-and-go, http://www.astronomyforum.net/member...to-tripod.html

    The astrophotography of the DSOs can be made grab-and-go. I am using the AstroTrack on a photo tripod, and even without guiding it takes pics with pinpoint stars over 4 minutes with a F=500mm telelens, without counterweight. The only drawback with the AstroTrack is the smallish less practical polar scope.

    Clear skies, and happy grab-and-hiking,

  10. Filterxpert
    Hello everyone.
    My Grab-n-Go set up is a ST 80A with a 54" Dolica tripod. Small stable and able to handle 12+ lbs. about 14" folded up with a good ball head. That should work for hiking.
    For pop out of the trunk of my car and view applications I like the 100mm Sky scanner on a tripod. It's easier to stand and view through the eyepiece without crouching. The base is too broad to put in a backpack even though it would we nice.
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