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  1. Todd C
    Todd C
    in the process of refining my grab and go kit.It's an AP traveler and the TeleVue Gibraltar tripod.The tripod can be a pain at higher mags because there is no slow motion controls. I have found that I can keep the scope moving smoothly if I have it perfectly balanced but if I have to focus it becomes a pain at high mags.THe point is that I want to keep it as portable as possible.I would like to figure out something for travel.I would have no issue with the traveler as carry on baggage, but I don't think I would want to check the tripod.I was thinking of trying to rent a tripod where ever I go, like a camera store.didn't take a scope when we went to Belize earlier this year because of the whole tripod issue.There were no camera stores nearby to get a tripod. I am just starting out with astronomy so I am sure I will get the travel thing down.We could see so clearly with the naked eye while on the beach in Belize very dark there.
  2. bladekeeper
    I've got some grab n' go options. I will elaborate a bit more in a few hours.
  3. Todd C
    Todd C
    I look forward to reading about those options.
  4. Ozman13
    My scopes I consider grab-n-go are the ST80, ST90, ST100, 90Mak, and 70mm f/10 achro. These I use on either a LCM or SLT alt/az goto mount. They all have soft padded cases that also hold a diagonal and several EPs. Of course the 2.3x40s 8x56s and 10x50s have to make the list.

    My favorite and most used instrument is my 25x100s on a parallel mount. It compares very well with my 8" Dob but in a package that I can easily carry a mile through the woods if I wanted too. They have relegated the 15x70s to the sock drawer. What I can't see well with the big binos: planets, small planetary nebulae, and split doubles. What I can see WELL: everything else.

    All of these fit in the SMALL trunk of my Miata along with Starbound chair and could be carried a long distance if necessary (not with the chair though). I have never traveled by plane with a scope, but if I did it would probably be the ST80 with LCM because it is very compact and still very capable. I would also have the 2.3x40s in my pocket.
  5. Todd C
    Todd C
    Yes sir, I love binoculars!! I am in Asheville for a wedding and I still have a my Leica 8x20s. They fit nicely on n any pocket. My 11 year old and I did some bird watching until dark. My father built this parallelogram that we use 20 x 80s with. My dad was a genius with wood working!! I’ll post a pic of that parallelogram if I can figure how.
  6. Ozman13
    You sound like me, I ALWAYS have binoculars with me. They are in every vehicle I own, even a small cheap set in my wife's glove box "Just in case".
  7. Don Quixote
    Don Quixote
    I love grab and go. My most convenient, after binoculars, is my little 127 Mak SLT. I am older than I once was and the bigger gear is wonderful, but when the sky is playing cat and mouse the grab and go is much easier to handle on the spur of the moment.
  8. Todd C
    Todd C
    Ozman13, here is a shot of the parallelogram that my father built. On it you can see the 20x80s
  9. Todd C
    Todd C
  10. bladekeeper
    Nice mount, Todd!

    I forgot I was going to chime in here.

    I like my three 80mm OTA's for grab n' go scopes. I use either my ES Twilight I mount with my ST80, or old AZ3 mount on it's wood tripod with my Celestron Premium 80, and finally, my Celestron C80 with a Vixen Polaris mount on a wood tripod. Easy to move, easy to tote out, and easy to pack up.

    I also have a variety of binoculars I can employ. My favorites are my trusty Pentax 10×50's and a zero gravity chair. I acquired a 20×100 a few months ago but have as yet put an eye to them. I am still lacking a mount and tripod for those.
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