80mm Triplet

  1. Tim99
    Hello Small Scope folks. I just purchased the Explore Scientific 80mm Triplet Apo. As soon as it arrived, the skies clouded up and the weather has been crappy for a week! One of these days, I will get out there and see what I can see. Don't have a guide scope for it yet. Thinking about the Explore Scientific 8X50 illuminated. What do you think?
  2. photoracer
    Its not a guide scope its a finder scope. But yes its fine. You don't really need a 50mm finder scope with an 80mm refractor but nothing says you can't do it. I find that most of the 30mm finder scopes seem too small to me. A red dot finder and a lower power widefield eyepiece for the scope is often all you need to find something in scopes that are between F5 and F8 and only 80mm in diameter.
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