Jupiter Discussion Thread . . .

  1. Celestron
    Discuss anything about Jupiter. I'll start it off with some facts . . .

    - Jupiter is 318x the mass of Earth. In fact, Jupiter is 2.5x more massive than all the planets in the solar system combined. Here's an even more interesting fact: if Jupiter got any more massive, it would become smaller because the added density would start pulling in on itself. Jupiter could have 4x more mass and would still be the same size.

    - Jupiter is the fastest spinning planet in the solar system. It completes one full rotation around it's axis in about 10hrs. The planet has flattened out and slightly bulges at the equator because of this. The high speed rotation also helps create the planets powerful magnetic fields, and the radiation surrounding it.

    - Jupiter actually has very faint rings, created from moons when they were struck with meteors.
  2. Celastro
    Thanks for making the Gas giant group better . Anyways i'm gonna say that Jupiter has a unique look, the winds traveling that fast is amazing on how it looks on the outside.
  3. Celestron
    I'll try, I am second guessing deleting your previous threads, I hope you didn't take offense to it.
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