ISS pass over Florida

  1. Makuser
    Any other central Floridians see the ISS fly by over central east coast Florida on Oct. 30, 2013 at 7:05 PM EDST? Here is my report:
    I walked to the far eastern part of my property to get a view with less trees and house obstructions. At 7:05:30 EDST the ISS cleared the houses and trees to my northnorthwest. It stayed a white color and consistent magnitude. At 7:08 EDST it reached it's highest altitude. By 7:09:30 EDST it was starting to fade in magnitude, and at 7:10:30 EDST it disappeared behind the trees and houses to my eastsoutheast. About 20 seconds before the ISS became visible, a twin engine airplane came up above the horizon from almost the same direction, on a parallel path. When the ISS was at maximum altitude, the airplane kept circling, and then finally followed the ISS to it's eastsoutheast decent. I hope that you enjoyed my report, and if anybody else also got a good view of the ISS tonight too, let's hear from you. Thanks, and kindest of regards.
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