Any Star Parties in SWFL?

  1. localhost
    Anyone in SWFL know about any upcoming Star Parties ?
    I wanted to see if I could bring my Telescope along and get someone to possibly help me better understand the EQ part, I'm still kinda confused about it and wanted to see if someone could show me how to setup it up correctly, I also would like to hang out with people and see their Telescopes, I was searching Google for Star Parties in SWFL their is supposed to be a site called, swfl astronomical society I'm not sure if they're still doing out and doing star parties I tried to email their President haven't heard back from him messaged them on Facebook someone replied I just don't wanna tick someone off sending emails to them.

    I also don't wanna like drive way out to this location they normally did their star parties and no one show up hate driving at night.
  2. dagadget
    There are a few star parties held in Florida and mostly in late March Here is a link to them. Clubs - Florida Astronomy The Astronomical Society of the Palm Beaches has a annual Star Party over a weekend and they have reports posted on there web page to tell about them. They have a membership fee to go to this event but the skies in Venus are great for darkness. This is one of the closer parties to you. Other groups use Kissimmee Prairie State Park as it is a Dark Sky recognized site. Summer in Florida can have good seeing but February Maarch and April seem to be the best times because the humidity temperature and insects are les of a bother. I recommend contacting one of the bigger clubs and chatting with them. You will find what you are looking for it just takes a little patience.
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