Florida dark skies???

  1. piloteer
    When I think about it, the reason there are no decent telescope and astronomy equipment stores in Florida is due to the fact that Florida weather and night skies have been terrible and
    inconsistent. Therefore the market is very poor. I don't know about anyone else but we haven't been able to see a decent Perseid shower in years. Here in Hernando County the clouds seem to roll in from west bring moisture from the gulf. It causes dew problems with everything getting wet and unpleasant. Summer time nights are swarming with every conceivable flying bug one can imagine getting into your reflector ota's. Neighboring security lighting and street lamps turning the once prized dark sky into an orange overcast. The County Commission doesn't give a rap as long as they have constant flow of cash coming in from taxes. Wish we could hit a lottery so we could get out and move to Arizona.
  2. Mt Olive Cemetery
    Mt Olive Cemetery
    It's a little better inland. I'm over in Polk County, and while the days seem to have more clouds, it does usually calm down after dark most nights.

    On the other hand, I should probably buy stock in SC Johnson for all the Off that gets used, and I have to travel from Lakeland to south of Mulberry.

  3. Makuser
    Hi all. Well, for what it is worth, I should mention that my friend Victor Quarto of Smart Astronomy, has finally moved from New York to St. Augustine, Florida fairly recently. I have worked with some moderators to get him to be a gold vendor, but this decision finally rests with Admin (Gus), who is currently quite busy doing his internship at a hospital in Canada. However, Smart Astronomy's close location to us Floridians should now cut the shipping costs down considerably on anty purchases, and I have had super great dealings with Victor over the years. His website is here, at:

    Vixen Optics, Celestron, Meade, Farpoint Astro, TeleGizmos, Kson Optical

    I hope this helps folks, and the best of regards to all.
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