Local Telescope shops?

  1. TeamHawkins
    Any local telescope shops in Northeast Florida with accessories like solar filters and dew shields? Or are they all in California? Seems like most of where I order from online is on the west coast and takes a week to get to me. Getting an 8 SE this weekend and want a dew shield for it as well.
  2. Makuser
    Hello TeamHawkins. Well, the only other major suppliers outside of California, are Opticsmart in Alabama, Astronomics in Oklahoma, Hands on Optics in Maryland, and Adorama and a few others in the New York area. Beyond that, locally, only the very large camera and hobby shops sell some starter telescopes and basic accessories. I would guess that this is due to the fact that most of the equipment is made in Asia, and arrives here at the closest ports, which are all on the west coast of the US. But, even with the shipping costs and time loss, most of the west cost dealers are of top notch reputation, offer competitive pricing, and have a good customer service record. Thanks for your post, and best of regards.
  3. TeamHawkins
    Thanks for the info. That sucks.
  4. MIA-Twin27
    This is true. Try Speaking withSherri over at HandsOnOptics, I've ordered many things from them and I always receive in 2/3 business days. I'm in Miami so I know your frustration.
  5. majestros
    Amazon carries a lot of stuff and has a good return policy. If you have Prime everything gets here in 2 days. Even if you don't have prime, upgrading the shipping is relatively cheap.
  6. Makuser
    Hi Majestros. I have the best of luck with Amazon over the years, buying my astronomy books from them. And now, my radar is now set on a new Coronado double stack solar scope, sun shield, and the companion solar book from Amazon. They have the best price, and you can do a trial run with the Prime arrangement too. It all looks good to me. Thanks for your input Majestros and best of regards to all.
  7. signal
    Its crazy that we live in a state very well known for space exploration but there are so few shops. I realize there just isn't the interest to support them, but I was hoping there would be more in South Florida.
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