Florida weather lately

  1. glenns
    My skies are clearing also. I hope it lasts to this weekend.
  2. glenns
    It looks like I will have good weather tonight. My scope is level and I'm waiting for it to get dark. Wish me luck.
  3. glenns
    It looks like the weather is going to be good tonight. I have my scope set up and leveled. Now I'm waiting for it to get dark. Wish me luck.
  4. Makuser
    Hello Glenn. I checked my sky here in my part of Florida at about 8PM, and although there were no clouds, there was a large amount of upper atmosphere haze. I just checked my sky again at 11:20PM, and now the usual dark grey rain clouds are moving in here. I hope that your viewing goes well tonight, so let us know how it turned out. Thanks, and best of regards.
  5. glenns
    The weather is looking pretty good for this weekend here in Lakeland Florida. I'm hoping to get a shot of Ison.
  6. Makuser
    Hi Glenn. Well, the last couple of days it has started to cool down a little bit, and the sky looked promising last night. However today, somebody cranked the heat way up again, and the clouds are starting to gather again. Hopefully by tomorrow or Sunday, things will settle down, and I might get a scope out again. Thanks for your post, and I hope that you have some great viewing opportunities this weekend.
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