My Favourite Sites

  1. JuanM
    Another Urban and Suburban observation guide at Tony Flander's website:

    Urban and Suburban Messier Guide
  2. atheling
    For Sky atlas's to 14th mag free to download and print some of the downloads are big. Triatlas sky charts
  3. JuanM
    A great site to discove free, shared, commercial and web-based astronomy software of all kinds:
  4. JuanM
    And the amazing astronomical software collection website maintained by Pierpaolo Ricci (ricci here at AF):
  5. JuanM
    Two great sites with many observation log templates, booklets, charts, sketching templates and sketching tutorials:
  6. Theo1
    I hope YouTube links are OK.

    I've been looking into what eyepiece(s) I should start with, and found this site video helpful.

    It's by Explore Scientific.

    Kind regards,

  7. Theo1
    Guidance for beginning astro photographers:
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