127 triplet

  1. dodgerm37
    After what seems like an eternity I received a tracking number for my new scope. So the weather in N.E. Ohio will be lousy starting Tuesday(I certainly hope not). But right this minute it's clear so the AD 12 needs to get moved out to cool down. At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope it isn't a train. Clear skies, Bob
  2. Star Rider
    Star Rider
    You're gonna love your new scope. Give us a first light report when you get it set up.

    Clear Skies,
  3. ChuckWalters
    Congrats Bob! Can't wait to read about your first light with the new scope!
  4. dodgerm37
    I don't know about first light but I just finished unpacking the ED 127. It was not only packed to survive UPS but could have survived an air drop from 10,000 feet without a parachute! Either way, it's HERE!!!!!!!. Come on clear skies, Bob
  5. dodgerm37
    For some unknown reason the gods forgot to gather all the clouds over N.E. Ohio. I finally got a chance to use my ES 127 triplet. I set up on an ES Twilight ll alt-az mount. I was pleasantly surprised how stable the mount was considering how light weight it is(compared to the G 11). With a 30 mm eyepiece the Moon showed nice crisp detail. I think the next thing on the "To do" list is get the ot better balanced and I need to practice setting up the G 11. I wonder if my friend next door would notice about thirty feet remove from one of his trees so I can get a good view of Polaris? Hmmmm, I'll have to work on that.Clear skies, Bob
  6. dodgerm37
    Included with the scope were two threaded focal backs. A few nights back I used both plus the focal back that came with my AD 12 to get Jupiter in focus. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? It struck me as a bit odd. Choice of eyepiece had no effect. Any clues? Thanks, Bob
  7. Star Rider
    Star Rider
    Are you talking about your new 127 APO and the threaded backs?

  8. dodgerm37
    Bob, Yes, I am. It's got me puzzled. Bob
  9. Star Rider
    Star Rider
    Post a picture of them, I want to see them. I have never had an issue with my scope coming to focus, maybe that's what they are for???
  10. dodgerm37
    Word has come down from on high that I need to use the two included focal extension tubes with the star diagonal and three extensions without the diagonal. Interesting Bob
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