127 triplet

  1. dodgerm37
    Wellllll, Using one of the threaded extensions we got Saturn crisp and clear. Now to get used to the G ll. One step at a time.As it was tonight, clear skies, Bob
  2. dodgerm37
    Further experimentation has shown that one threaded extension works just fine with the 9mm thru 30mm eyepieces. Odd. Must be some variation in the optics. Bob
  3. watson1
    I have the ES ED APO 127mm 952mm focal length.

    I measured the back focus distance with the three ES eyepieces I bought with it.
    The 2" 40mm & 28mm EP have ~175mm to spare
    The 1.25" 16mm EP has ~167mm to spare.

    With the straight through set up, I needed both 37mm long screwed (M54) extensions between the scope and the focuser, then two slide in 2" extensions each 45mm long and finally the eyepiece to get focus.
    With the 2" Altair diagonal I had to remove one 37mm extension and the eyepiece slides straight into the focuser. It seems the diagonal has an effective length similar to three extension tubes.
    For the Canon at prime focus I need both 37mm screwed extensions and a 2" to T2 adaptor that adds ~63mm between the camera and the focuser.
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