ES 11mm or 14mm

  1. mlk1950
    K, I've got the 6.7,8.8 and the 18mm/ 82 degree eyepieces. the wife said I can get one more for now. Should I get the 11 or the 14mm? I know I probably should have both, but for right now it's one or the other. What are your thoughts? I've got a 30mm/ 68 degree and a 2x barlow which gives me a 15mm. I don't like to barlow if I don't have too, and I do like the full 82 degree field. Maybe some feedback from some of you that have these eyepieces.
  2. exparrot
    I've had the 11mm for quite awhile and it's an excellent EP, one of my top 5 faves. It works well across my set of scopes, from a 4" f/6.5 refractor to an 8" f/10 SCT. I'm planning to add the 14mm at some point, but really it's a coin-toss between the two. They're both highly-rated EPs. I guess you could decide based on what you like to observe the most - planetary/lunar/doubles, or galaxies/clusters/nebulae. If the former, then go for the 11mm, if the latter, then go for the 14mm. Tough decision, for sure!

  3. mlk1950
    I really like galaxies, clusters and nebulae. The 6.7 and 8.8 I like for the moon and planets. So maybe it will the 14, because the 30mm/68 degree barlowed gives some nice views, but it's not the same as 82 degrees.
  4. Zilladude
    Better Late then not at all I guess...+1 on the 11mm, best of the 82* 1.25" lineup. The 14mm is ok, but does have some field curvature in my 10" dob, the 14 100* is a much better eyepiece then the 14 82*. All that said, the 82* line is overall a bit sharper and better contrast then the 100* (IMHO).

    So which did you get?
  5. fido
    I have the 4.7, 6.7 and 11. I plan on getting the 14 soon, but don't know when I will get the 8.8.

    Don't plan on getting any 2 inch tube eye pieces for a while.
  6. Zilladude
    If you have a 2" focuser, You're really missing out on low power, wide-field viewing. The Lagoon Nebula in an ES82 24mm or the ES100 20mm is truely a sight to see (and with an OIII filter it really pops your eyes out!)
  7. fido
    Thanks for the food for thought. I have Dob with a 2 inch focuser, with a few smaller scopes all with 1.25 inch focusers. I hope to get a grab-and-go scope with a 2 inch focuser, then I'll have to think again about getting the wider eye pieces again.
  8. sada
    I have the 14mm 100*,& its the most used in my 12" dob with a ed 2" barlow,the view of m42 & m31 are just stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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